SO… Im not one that actually likes to talk about me, so this is a challenge.

What I can offer you. I am a Registered Nurse. I currently work as a Clinical Nurse in schools, and my experience has involved both primary and high schools as a clinical an emergency responder and as an educator. I have been a nurse educator for a number of years.
Prior to that, I worked as a prison nurse where we were the first responders in emergency situations. During my time in the prison sector, I was also involved as an educator to inmates, so I am very capable in the delivery of training to a diverse audience. Keeping up with the latest research and training is important to me and I work hard to upskill and maintain my knowledge so my students get the most relevant and up to date information.
I have post graduate qualifications in sexual health and addictions and am passionate about primary healthy care, advocacy and working with marginalised people.
In my younger years, I worked as a volunteer ambulance officer, so I also have experience in this area, although that was definitely in a past life.
In my free time, I love spending time with my family (Including my German Shepherds), travelling and a touch of gardening.
People I work with say that I am a great educator and am passionate about equality.

So…Hopefully you are all sold on my spiel and will consider my expertise when it comes to your next training.